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Monday, 20 Nov 2017

Laboratory equipment, accessories and supplies

The basic idea of our corporate philosophy is that for an efficient performance of each research laboratory, independently of its extent and operating area, only to have high-quality equipment is not sufficient. Because of that we offer a complete package of services to our customers, which apart from the distribution of laboratory equipment and the supply of any components for that, includes raw materials, furniture and even dishes. Thus our customers may purchase all the equipment from one source. This proceeding enables a smooth and productive workflow of the laboratory.

The basis of our success is an excellent cooperation of may years with leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality laboratory equipment. This offers our customers the option of selecting from a variety of several tools for applied research.

The offer of our company ranges from all major appliances and tools, to measuring instruments, analytical equipment, test facilities, up to specific equipment devices.

We hope to have aroused your interest and you will convince yourself of the reliability and quality of our work in the near future.