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Monday, 20 Nov 2017

The 5-axis machining centres


The 5-axis machining centres guarantees total contour accuracy along with maximum surface quality and precision. The unique half-portal moving-column design and the interface-free main spindle enable unprecedented milling performance for this market segment. The angular positions are processed without interpolation. Maximum workpiece precision is the practical result.

The 5-axes machining centres have been designed particularly for tool, mould making and general machining. The combination of a 3-axis and a 5-axis working area guarantees maximum flexibility and productivity to the user. Complex workpieces can be manufactured with 3 or 5 axes, depending on the task.

In day-to-day use, the optimum design of the working area, the free chip drop and the robustness of this CNC machines is impressive. The shoulder-bearing mounted rotary swivel tables and the stable, one-piece spindles guarantee years of reliable, precise operation